An Explanation of Missionary Lingo

Time goes by so fast.  I feel like a wrote only a couple days ago.  Oh wait…I did.  Not much has passed since then.  Simone’s baptism has been delayed…again.  We were going to have the baptism on Saturday, but he decided to go to Nürnberg for a week instead of coming to his interview on Friday.  It was rather frustrating because he didn’t tell us that.  Elder Anderson and I are getting a little stressed with him.  But, oh well.  Everyone has agency to do what they will, despite the consequences.  It’ll happen eventually.  And since there’s nothing really to report, I was thinking hard about what to talk about.  I think I’ll explain a little missionary slang.  There’s “Zo-co” (Zone Conference)  “DDM” (District meeting)  “trunky” (meaning that someone is missing home a lot…can also be used in conjunction with other words, i.e. videogame-trunky, movie-trunky, or the most popular, girl-trunky)  “I was born in Coburg” (since this is my first area on my mission, this is what I say)  “Elder Anderson is my father” (he’s my trainer)  “Elder Achtmann is my grandfather” (that was Elder Andserson’s trainer)  “Elder Cosentino is my god-father” (not too many missionaries have god-fathers… Elder Anderson had to go to Frankfurt for a three-day training in my first week, so three of my first seven days were with Elder Cosentino…like I said, very rare to have a god-father)  “Elder _____ is my brother” (if Elder Anderson trains anyone else, he become my brother)  “Elder Bailey will die in Nürnberg” (this does not mean physical or spiritual death… it simply denotes a missionary’s last area)  “Elder Keetch will kill Elder Bailey” (again, not referring to any sort of death here…this means that Elder Keetch is Elder Bailey’s last companion.)  “E-T” (this means that a missionary had to be emergency transferred in the middle of our six-week cycle for any sort of reason) “white-washed” (this is what happens when both of the missionaries in one area have never worked there before… I’ve heard it’s a very stressful experience to be whitewashed.)  And that’s all I can think of at the moment.  This letter is very short, partially because we have to catch a train in 15 minutes to Erlangen.  We’re playing volleyball with a few other elders.  Until next week, my friends, for I would call you my friends.

Elder Mayle


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