Update for the Week…

Good morning/day/afternoon/night/whenever you’re reading this,
Another good week in the field has been experienced. We continue to teach people who are progressing well, and we’re getting down to the wire with a couple of them where they’ll have to make a very important decision very soon. We also have investigators that are weak-sauce and don’t keep commitments. They are kind of frustrating to speak with because they’re not progressing. They’ll also be making a big decision in the near future…whether or not to meet with us weekly. Simone gave us a scare this past week. He hasn’t come to church the past two weeks, and when we had an appointment with him on Friday, he had two editions of…The Watchtower…which is the magazine the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Apparently he ran into them sometime during the last week, and when they found out he was going to be baptized into the LDS church, they sat down with him and told him all sorts of junk about our church so he wouldn’t join. He walked in with a few questions. We answered all of them, using scriptures and personal experiences and promised him he would receive an answer if these things were true if he prayed about them. He told us at the end that he didn’t want the Watchtowers anymore, so he left them here with us. We talked with him again yesterday, and he was back to his old, excited, eager-to-learn self. We went through the baptismal questions with him, and the answers he gave were perfect. He has the desire to be baptized, but we’re probably going to postpone the baptism due to him not being at church the last couple weeks. It’ll probably be the first week of November, so we’re looking forward to that. We were a little worried when he walked in the other day, but all is well.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel like anything really stuck out this week. My German is slowly improving. Originally, Elder Anderson and I wanted to speak only German when we were outside the apartment, but…well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. So, I’m probably not improving as fast as I could, but I’m still improving. I’m understanding more and more in Priesthood and Sacrament meeting. Oh yeah, we don’t have Sunday School here, so church is only two hours instead of three. That’s a little different. Anyway, it’s getting better. But I’ve found that I understand more than I can speak. I stumble a lot when I want to say something, and it’s pretty embarrassing. Oh well. Such is learning another language. We had an eating appointment yesterday (I hope you’re remembering to feed the missionaries often) and it was great. We were so full afterwards. The members are great cooks here. We are super-blessed. Okay, hopefully I’ve included everything I wanted to. If I were to include everything we did, it would take a long time to type and to read. Hope everyone is having a great time doing everything that you do. Remember to pray for all the missionaries. I get an email from President Ninow every week, and he includes stories from around the mission, and they are pretty inspiring. The work is doing great, and I love being here.

I guess there’s one thing that’s pretty funny, but it’s kind of a play on German words, so I’m not sure other people can appreciate it. So, my companion is Elder ANDERSon. In German, the word “anders” means “different.” Also, “nicht” means “not.”One of the primary kids, who’s in 5th grade came and greeted us yesterday, and greeted us by saying, “Gruß dich, Elder Anderson, und Elder Nicht-Anders!” It was funny for us. I hope it makes sense to you.

Over and out.

Elder Mayle


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