General Conference is a Favorite Time

Happy Monday-right-after-General Conference,
General Conference is probably my favorite two weekends of the year. Absolutely nothing beats listening to a horde of spiritual giants for 10 hours. I seemed to hear a lot of things about missionary work, but maybe that’s just because it applies to me a lot more than it did before. I’m not sure if I can pick out a favorite talk from all of them, but I’d say that my favorite speakers overall are the First Presidency, Elder Holland, Elder Oaks, and Elder Packer. They are all spectacular speakers and are very skilled at relating the Gospel to every person very intimately…even through losing their voice or something. And I guess this would be a good place to explain the timing of General Conference. It goes something like this: we watch Saturday Morning session on Saturday night, and then we watched Priesthood session Sunday morning, followed by Saturday afternoon, and then we watched the Sunday morning session on Sunday night. I still haven’t seen the Sunday afternoon session yet. I’ll watch it either today, if possible, or next Monday when it’s definitely available. President Keil (he’s the Branch President in Coburg) sets up both of the morning sessions here in Coburg, but for the other three we went to Erlangen, which is a little less than 2 hours south of us. They broadcast it in German (just voice-overs) but we went into a separate room to watch it in English. It’s really cool. I cannot express through an email how awesome I think General Conference is. I’m going to be bold and say that no one loves General Conference more than I do.
Another awesome thing that happened with General Conference is that Simone came to both of the morning sessions here in Coburg! He thought it was awesome, and he wants us to make a CD for him in Swahili so that he can understand everything that’s being said. He’s doing great, and is so excited to learn more. We got transfer calls yesterday, and Elder Anderson and I will both be staying in Coburg for another six weeks. We’re really excited for that. We get along great, and other than a few minors things every once in a while, we don’t really have any negative interaction. We taught a lesson last week where it flowed perfectly, him saying something, and then me coming in and saying what was next, and then back to him. We work really well together. It’ll be sad when we get split up, which I think will happen at the next transfer, which is in the middle of November. And I just remembered that the elders that were in my first district will be coming in this Wednesday! There’s a possibility that I’ll see a couple of them in my district, but we’re not sure yet. Which also reminds me that during the Priesthood session the MTC choir provided the music and I saw Elder Fotheringham! I was kind of sad, because if I hadn’t been fast-tracked, I would have been able to sing in General Conference, but overall, I’m happier that I got to come here early. It’s been a great blessing, and I’ve grown more here than I would have if I had been in the MTC for the full nine-weeks. And by “grown” I  mean spiritually. I haven’t actually gotten any taller. But that’s beside the point.
So, other than that, there’s not much to report. I’m lovin’ it out here. The work is going great, with varying degrees of success. There are people that want us to come back at a better time, and there are others that begin explaining how much they hate America. Actually, I realized how small the world is the other day. Elder Anderson and I felt like we needed some good Asian food, so we went to the Tawainese restaurant across the street. While we were there eating a delicious spicy duck, an older couple came and sat near us. The lady was from North Carolina, and her name is Star Davis. She asked where we were from, and when I asked her if she knew where Ft. Collins was, she said yes, and as a matter of fact one of her murals are there. I asked where it was and she said, “In some steakhouse…Lonestar, I think?” I was really surprised and told her that Lonestar was one of my favorite places to eat! We laughed about that connection. Then when we left she thanked us for talking to her and that it was nice to talk to someone in English every once in a while. So those are the adventures for this week. Stay tuned for more as time unfolds!

Elder Mayle


One response to “General Conference is a Favorite Time

  1. Hey, I love the blog and it’s great to see what a great mission he’s having. I’ll make a big concession and say it’s possible he loves general conference more than I do. My brother will love to hear about a fellow European missionary.

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