And it came to pass that Elder Mayle experienced another week…

Hello, hello,
Yet another week has gone by.  I can’t believe that I’ve been here over a month. It feels like I went into the MTC yesterday.  And from what I hear it will only go faster. We taught several people last week, and not too much has changed.  Simone, our awesome African, is doing a great job.  We taught him a couple times this week, and both times he was entusiastic.  He thanks us a lot for teaching him, and he can’t wait to get baptized.  We’ve become so regular at the refugee camp, most of the people there know us, and Elder Anderson said that he’s not too worried about having people be mad at us in Coburg because we have all the shady characters from Africa and the Middle East who would support us…well, protect is a better word.  I thought that was pretty funny.
We didn’t have any great adventures last week like the week before, other than going to the castle here in Coburg this morning.  It was sweet.  They have rooms full of stuff from the 1500’s all the way to the early 1900’s.  Art, silverware, bedrooms, clothes, carriages, and, my favorite, hunting rooms and armories.  There was one room where there had to be at least 300 guns inside.  Anything from pistols to giant, 8-foot-long rifles that I still don’t understand the point of.   There were swords and crossbows and cannons and suits of armor, axes, pikes, spears, instruments of torture…it was awesome.  I could have spent hours in those rooms looking at everything.  If you don’t like that kind of stuff, you may be interested to know that the “Veste Coburg” is one of the castles that sheltered Matin Luther while he translated the Bible into German.  We went into some of the rooms that he did the translating in.  That was pretty cool (but not as cool as swords and axes, in my opinion).
To go along with the battle theme, I finished Alma this week, and the war chapters are pretty sweet.  Moroni is a stud, just like everybody says he is.  It’s so cool that he’s a prayerful man, close to God, but at the same time he can really bring down his iron fist and smash the daylights out of the Lamanites, or write a letter to the governor of the Nephites telling him to get his rear in gear or Moroni will come and compel him to do so.  Read Alma Chapter 60.  It’s really cool.
We had interviews this past week with President Ninow.  He’s great.  He’s very smart and really cool, but at the same time he’s a pretty intimidating person.  Just the way he is makes him kind of scary, but once you get used to it, it’s really easy to talk to him.  I feel like I can tell him anything.  I asked for some advice on a couple of our invesigators that are really stubborn.  He gave some good council that will be really useful, I think.  I’m starting to read “Jesus the Christ,” and I’ve decided that James E. Talmage is a genius.  The insights in that book are spectacular.  Well, I feel bad because there’s not really anything spiritual here, but not much changes from week to week.  Hopefully this week something incredible will happen.  And it came to pass that Elder Mayle ended his report.
Bis nächste Woche,
Elder Mayle


One response to “And it came to pass that Elder Mayle experienced another week…

  1. Also a great thing about Moroni is that he was humble enough to not get offended when Pahoran wrote him back saying that they had been having troubles of their own, and a little help for him wouldn’t be bad either. He truly was an amazing man.
    Hope you’re doin great

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