Nine lessons, two new investigators and a baptism

A recap of week two in the field….
As far as numbers go, Elder Anderson and I had an excellent week. We taught nine lessons, received two new investigators, and we have a baptism coming up this Sunday! Let’s see if I can remember everything…there’s so much that we do and see and hear that it’s hard…
I guess I’ll start with investigators. Sieglinda, the one with the baptism on Sunday, is doing awesome. We talked about the Word of Wisdom on Tuesday, beause she drank coffee, and we really wanted her to be baptized. So taught it, and then asked her if she would give up coffee…and we got a strong “yes” out of her! Yesterday she said that she drinks water or juice or something whenever she gets the craving for coffee. It’s wonderful. Her son Christopher is going to baptize her, which is awesome because he was baptized only a month and a half ago! Christopher is so cool…he’s a very “lay-down-the-law” type of person, and having him there during lessons with Sieglinda has been so helpful, because he kind of takes over sometimes and tells her how it is. We’re soooo excited it’s not even funny. We went over to Christopher and his sister Nadine’s house yesterday for lunch. It was amazing. I had six or seven helpings of potroast, Klöß (dumplings) and some delicious cake with vanilla sauce for dessert. Sidenote: feed the missionaries as often as possible…they will love you forever…true story.
There’s a refugee camp here in Coburg. These are people who have fled their countries for any number of reasons. We now have five investigators in there. We had two when I got here a few weeks ago. It’s crazy. We walk in,and nearly everytime someone asks what we’re doing and then wants a Book of Mormon in some language…Arabic,Swahili, Oromo, Soronish, whatever. Anyway, we have two really promising ones there. The first is Kenesa, (have I already talked about him before?) who is reading the Book of Mormon and wants to find out for himself whether it’s true or not. He’s pretty funny, and really hard to understand. He’s been to church every week, which is a good sign. I hope he recognizes the Spirit when he feels it. The other is named Simone, from Somolia, speaking English and Swahili. He is pretty sweet. He’s almost done with 2 Nephi, and it’s only been a week or so since we gave him a Book of Mormon. He says it’s a good book, and he wants more to read when he’s finished. Elder Anderson and I were shocked when he said that. We’ve taught him a few times, and everytime he just agrees with everything we’re saying. When you teach Africans, you say things as a fact, with no doubt or question, and they accept it as fact. It’s awesome. He loved being at church yesterday, and he said he’d definitely come back. He said he’d come to the baptism on Sunday AND General Conference in a few weeks. He also said that he wants to share his thoughts about Christ with people at church. We told him about Fast and Testimony meeting, and that he could participate in that if he wanted to, and we might start a Gospel Doctrine class of a few people so that he can do exactly what he wants. This guy is golden. It would be awesome if we baptized him while I’m still here. And I definitely think that’s possible. I would be so happy if it worked out.
Well, as you can see, that’s only three investigators, and I didn’t even include all their information. We’re teaching several people, and it’s not all happy like these are. There a some people who are never home whenever we stop by, others that consistently cancel appointments, and others that are frustrating because they dont’t want to make progress, however we present the information. There’s one lady that believes the Book of Mormon and everything that comes with it, but she just doesn’t think that it’s necessary to be baptized again, since she was baptized into another church when she was young. She still thinks that after we explained the authority of God and the priesthood. We’re going to drop her after a couple more lessons if she decides to not be baptized. Sad, but true.
Personal study is going great. I’ve learned a lot, and my love for the scriptures is growing exponentially, as impossible as that may seem. Whether I’m just reading the Book of Mormon through or I’m marking up scriptures for a lesson, I’m finding stuff I didn’t see before. It’s amazing. I love having all this time to focus on the Gospel and nothing else. Elder Anderson and I have had several gospel talks about all sorts of stuff. I share some of my insights with him, and he has some great insights for me. If this continues at the same rate for two years…it’ll be sweet. Aight, that’s all for this week. Everything is going well. We have Zone Conference tomorrow, and President Ninow will be there. I’m excited.

Bis nächste Woche,
Elder Mayle


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