Delivering Book of Mormons in Swahili and Arabic

Okay, so it was only three days ago that I emailed, so there’s not too much of a difference. Well, that’s not true. Saturday was an awesome day. We went to teach Kenesa, the Ethiopian refugee. He speaks English, but not very well, so it’s tough to really get a message across. But he’s agrees with a lot of what we’re saying, and we don’t have to committ him to read or pray about the Book of Mormon, because he volunteers to do that. He says, “I don’t want to say whether this book is good or bad, but I want to read it, and I’ll pray to God about it, and then decide if it’s good or bad.” He also says the same thing about coming to church, and he’s come all three Sundays that we’ve been teaching him. Elder Anderson translates for him. I think he really wants to know whether it’s true or not…I just hope he recognizes when he gets an answer. Also, when we went there, he always insists on feeding us, because in his country, if you go into a home and speak about God, and bring people closer to Christ, it’s basically illegal to leave without being fed because you’re brining a message of peace. Well, that’s a little exaggerated, but you get the idea. It’s really nice of him to do that. Anway, after we taught him, we went upstairs to give another man a Book of Mormon in Arabic, as he requested. He opened the door and invited us in for a little while, but right when he did that, I got tapped on the shoulder, and there were two men behind me. One was translating for the other and asked me what this book was (in German). Elder Anderson was already in the room, so I stood outside the door and began to explain what we were doing. This guy’s friend seemed really interested in this book, and also wants one in Arabic. We’ll be delivering it this week, hopefully. Then after teaching the other guy for a little while, we went down the hall to deliver the Swahili Book of Mormon that yet another man wanted. We also taught him for a few minutes before we had to go. All of this happened in the same building, from Kenesa to the last guy, in the space of an hour and a half. So in that time, we taught four lessons, delivered two copies of the Book of Mormon, got two requests for one, and got two new investigators. We went back to the apartment feeling really good. I’ll also mention that it was on the 4th, which was my one month mark.
Church was also incredible, as usual. All the members are really nice, and even though they can’t pronounce my name correctly on the first try, they are extremely nice and the kids are awesome and it’s fun. We have a dinner apointment next Sunday with a recent convert and a couple of her friends, so we’ll see if we get an investigator out of that. That’s about everything. Today we’re going to Nüremburg to a Nazi museum with the elders from Bamberg. Sounds like a great activity, right? Afterward we’ll hang with the zone leaders, who serve in Nüremburg, and then head back for some more proselyting. Sweet.

Elder Mayle


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