letter #2 from the MTC….

Hello everyone again,
The MTC is awesome.  It’s nice to be able to concentrate on nothing except the Gospel. We have almost no free-time, with all the studying we’re doing.  I have received the letters that were sent, as well as the shirts from Sears. I don’t have the short-sleeves yet. Hopefully they’ll get here very soon. It’s a little hot here, and my companion doesn’t want to be wearing long-sleeves the entire time. Speaking of which, I have some very, VERY big news…
I only have one more P-day here at the MTC. Next Friday. After that, you’ll be receiving e-mails from Germany. Last week the language coordinator came into our district and took a few of us out of the room. He spoke with us individually, in German, and I didn’t think much of it.  Two days later, I was put on what they call “fast-track.” Apparently I speak German “excellently” and I don’t need to be in the MTC for nine weeks, but only for three. Which means I only have 10 days left here before being shipped overseas. I’m a little stunned. I was expecting to have tons of time to study the scriptures and Preach my Gospel, but that seems to not be the case. I have been moved out of my district, and into another one. Elder Damstedt was the other person that was also fast-tracked, and we are now companions. I’m in the International Branch now, where I’m with people from all over the world learning English. There are only three people here (out of 50-75) that speak English as their first language…Elder Damstedt and I make two and three. It’s really interesting to hear all of these different languages. The other companionship that we room with are from Montreal (his name is Elder Snickers, and he speaks French) and Sweden. Apparently this district is singing in church on Sunday. We’ll be singing “I Need Thee Every Hour,” and all eight languages of our district will be used. I think it’ll be cool. I think I’m going to start speaking in an accent now, because I hear it all the time…Spanish, Swedish, French, Tagolan, Cantonese, Russian, Somoa, and Martialese. I like it though. So if you send letters or packages, please send it to the same address, but box 302 instead of 207.
So other than that shock having my time here cut down by 60%, everything is fairly monotonous, but in a good way. Lots of studying and such. Elder Damstedt and I will be teaching the first lesson tonight, twice, to a couple teachers that pose as investigators. It will be in German. Also, today being P-day, we went to the temple. Elder Forscythe, who is the other English-speaker in the whole branch, and also speaks German, suggested we do the session in German. So we did. I don’t think I understood everything. But it was good, and I look forward to next week when we go again.
All in all, I’m excited to go. It’s faster than I expected, but still good. It’s amazing. And sad that it will end so soon. But all good things come to an end, so I’ll just look forward to the next good thing. I love my districts, both of them that I’ve had, and they all feel like my brothers. Those here in the international branch I’ll miss, but those in the german zone I’ll see in less than two months.
Hope everything is going well over there, and please keep all the missionaries in your prayers. Not just me, but all of them. We all need as much help as we can get.
E-Mayle (Pun intended)
Scriptures of the Week – Normally I’ll have one for each of you individually, but I don’t have my scriptures with me. And I think school is starting soon, so here’s a great scripture to go with that: D&C 84:85. “Treasure up words of wisdom.”

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