First letter from the MTC

Hello everybody!
Soooo, I came in yesterday. And it’s pretty awesome. But first a side-note. On Wednesday morning I was stuck at Dennis and Derek’s apartment with nothing to do. So I decided to the read. I wizzed through TWO editions of the Ensign, the August and July ones. It was crazy. I’ve never read the entire Ensign, but from now on I will. There are so many things to learn in there. I would encourage you to go back and read the July and August ones again. This time more carefully. I think I found something for everyone in there. Okay, back to the present. I haven’t been here 24 hours and I love it. The campus is somewhat confusing, but I know where the important buildings are. And just so you know, I did get my lost bag back. It came at four in the morning on Wednesday.   Ridiculous, but at least I have it now. My district is made up of pretty cool guys. Out of the 11 of us (we have a “dritt,” or a companionship of three) only three are going to Berlin and the rest of us are going to Frankfurt. What’s even cooler is that we’ve all taken at least two years of German, so we all have basic conversational skills to get by. My companion is Elder Gygi (like Jiggy, but with a hard “g”) and he’s from Cedar City Utah. Interesting guy, but we get along and I think it’ll go great. My teachers are great also, Brother Stevens and Brother Swenson, both of whom served in Hamburg. They’re fun and very effective at teaching. Another interesting fact: one of the guys in my district, Elder Damstedt, is a cousin to the Wells! Sam and Kathy are his aunt and uncle, so that was really cool to find that out. I’ve been learning a lot, and everything is going well. Except for the shirt thing. I hope they come in tomorrow. And I just remembered that I didn’t get a picture in front of the MTC sign. We were running late getting me here, and so I didn’t have time to slow down and do that. I’ll try to get one while I’m walking around the temple or something. So yeah, not much else to say. This morning we learned how to bear testimonies and also pray in German. We sing hymns in German too. To be totally honest, German is so much better than English. Everything is a lot more fun to say/sing. The only problem is that I stand next to Elder Gygi, naturally, and he’s kinda tone-deaf. But hey, whatever. Today we have a lot of study time, since it’s our first day and the teachers have a couple things they need to do. So we have about six hours of nothing planned. Which means we got to plan it. We already had an hour of personal study time and we’ll have 30 minutes for some German study before lunch, and in the afternoon Gygi and I planned some more German study and companion study and problem, some more personal study. We’re also having a roomate “party.” There are four elders in a room, and so we’ll spend an hour getting to know each other. The other two elders are Elder Jensen and Elder Redd. I came up with an idea to call him Elder “Rott,” which is German for red, but with an extra t, just like red has an extra d. And my time’s almost up, so I’ll wrap up. I’ve decided to put a “Weekly Scripture” in every letter I write, whoever I’m writing to. Just something to concentrate on until I give you another one next week. Since I didn’t get too into my scirptures yet today, I’ll give you all, “The Family: A Proclamation to the World,” Read and study this over the next week. TTYL
Elder Mayle

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