He left, on a jet plane…

Last night the whole family went to President Packard’s home to set Tyler apart as a full time missionary.  It didn’t take very long.  We didn’t have very many questions because we don’t know what to expect.  Tyler had a huge smile on his face the entire night.  Brother and Sister Ellingson stopped by afterwards to say good bye and give him a card.   We all had ice cream, family prayer and then off to bed.

This morning Tyler seemed pretty organized.  Suitcases were pretty much packed last night.  We stopped by the engine repair shop so he could say goodbye to his cohorts.  On the way to the airport I was hemming Tyler’s last pair of dress slacks that finally arrived yesterday.

When we got to Cheyenne we had lunch at Old Chicago and then headed to the tiny Cheyenne Regional Airport.  Kind of cozy and way better than the huge metropolis of DIA.  The passengers do not go through security until they are ready to board the plane.  Gary and I went outside to watch him come out of the building and board the plane.  Low and behold a TSA officer escorts Tyler out and comes to the fence where we are standing.  “Um, your son is not allowed to have this on the plane.” I’m wondering what it is and Tyler said that he forgot that he had his leatherman tool in his backpack.  Holy Cow!  If Tyler was at DIA with that thing they probably would have arrested him.  LOL… Gary went to security to pick it up.  Thank goodness it was that easy.  It wasn’t long before Tyler was on the tiny plane.  (I have a picture of it on my phone but I can’t figure out how to upload it.  Once I do I will attach it here so you can see how small it was.  Maybe a 12 passenger plane???)  Gary and I watched until the plane was out of site.  Really weird to watch a plane get smaller and smaller until it evaporates into nothing – and you know that your son is on it!

Auf Wiedersehen Elder Mayle!  Wir lieben Sie!


One response to “He left, on a jet plane…

  1. We’re gonna mss him but we know he will accomplish great things on his mission! And if we’re missing him I can’t even imagine how hard it is for you…some day I’ll be in the same place as you…oh how time flies!

    Our love, Lorée & kids

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