To the Temple

Tyler went to the Denver, CO Temple today to receive his endowments.  Bro. Ben Whitehead, our home teacher and Tyler’s seminary teacher for 2.5 years, served as his escort.  Also attending with him was me (his mom), Sis. Julie Whitehead, Bro. Wayne Ellingson, Sis. Barbara Ellingson, Bro. Ben Inouye, Sis. Beth Ellingson Inouye, Bro. Greg Bement, and Sis. Kristie Bement.

Of course it was an awesome experience.  There was a lot of joy in my heart to stand in the celestial room with my son.  We look forward to the day the rest of the family will join us.  😀  I found out that when Tyler is at the MTC he will be able to attend the temple.  And the fact that there is a temple in Frankfurt, Germany means there may be opportunities there as well.

Sweet is the Joy the Gospel Brings!


One response to “To the Temple

  1. I believe my mom &/or dad, Brother & Sister Hopkins, saw some of you guys that day. It was our stake’s temple day.

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